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Bareboat Qualifications

Caribbean Magic Charters requires that the charterer acting as captain be experienced and competent to operate a vessel equivalent to the charter yacht. The individual must certify in the yacht charter agreement that he/she can navigate utilizing nautical charts, and has a practical knowledge of seamanship, boat handling and “Rules of the Road”. A charterer not meeting these qualifications will be required to have a USCG Licensed Captain as instructor on board ($300-$350/day) until such time as the instructor feels the charterer is capable of handling the yacht. Many charterers request a captain for instruction the first day, as they are moving to a larger vessel. We want your charter to be safe, stress-free and enjoyable!


Please call 443-277-6425 or e-mail caribbeanmagiccharters@gmail.com for availability of our C&C 44. We will hold a tentative reservation for 10 days pending the receipt of your deposit. Deposit required to book a charter is as follows; 25% deposit 2 months prior to charter, 50 % deposit within two months of charter, and full payment must be received on arrival for the charter. The charter fee may be paid by personal check. Upon receipt of your deposit we will forward your Yacht Charter Agreement, resume form, and orientation sheet


A Caribbean Magic Charters ' owner will greet you upon your arrival for charter and final payment will need to be made at that time. The on board orientation and check-out will be conducted upon arrival. Please note arrangements will need to be made with Caribbean Magic Charters prior to departure for on board orientation, and the sea trial.


We want you to be comfortable and knowledgeable aboard our C&C 44 Caribbean Magic. Your orientation and sea trial will be conducted by Caribbean Magic Charters ' staff. All vessel systems, operations and equipment will be reviewed. The charterer serving as captain will take the vessel from its slip into the Bay for a qualifying test sail, then return and dock to demonstrate competency in boat handling and navigation. Our check-out captain will answer last minute questions, and then you may depart from the dock to enjoy your charter.

Caribbean Magic Charters Will be available to receive calls 24/7 in case you need assistance.

Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit is collected to insure against losses or damages incurred during your charter. The amount is equal to the insurance deductible for the vessel. We will return your security deposit within 10 days of your charter less any charges for loss or damage.

Caribbean Magic Charters takes pride in presenting a clean, well maintained yacht. It is expected that the charterer will treat the yacht as his own and return it in the same condition. Any damaged or lost items should be reported to Caribbean Magic Charters immediately upon return.

Final Payments

The charter balance and security deposit must be paid by cash, certified check, or traveler's checks upon arrival for charter. The Captain's fee, if required, is payable directly to the captain.

Special Requests

Caribbean Magic Charters will gladly assist you with arrangements for instruction, itinerary planning, linen service, airport pick-up, provisioning, catering, or any other services you may want or require. Our goal is to provide customers with a well maintained, well equipped and easy to handle boat that will meet all your needs as you cruise the bay. Let us help set up your dream trip today so you can see why the Chesapeake Bay is such a great place to sail.


We realize situations may force you to cancel your charter. If we receive written notice of cancellation at least 30 days prior to your charter date, we will refund your booking deposit, less a $50 cancellation fee. For notice given less than 30 days, your booking deposit is forfeited if we cannot re-book your charter dates. If we can re-book your dates, we will refund your deposit, less the $50 cancellation fee. A change of dates is considered a cancellation. There is a $25 fee for returned checks.





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