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Q: Where is Caribbean Magic located?
A: Caribbean Magic is located in Pasadena Maryland on Rock Creek
Q: Is the boat available for viewing?
A: Yes, Caribbean Magic can be shown by appointment
Q:What is the best time of year for sailing on the Chesapeake Bay ?
A: Spring and Fall are best for temperature and breeze, although the Summer is very nice as well. 
Q: Is there a list of places to visit during a charter?
A: Caribbean Magic can provide a long list of anchorages and even help recommend/plan a route for your cruise.
Q: If there are problems how can we get help?
A: We will provide our cell phones, home phone, and email addresses where you can contact us. Depending on the problem will determine the response. There is an inverter to keep your phone charged and I don't believe I've ever found a dead spot on the bay for cell phones.
Q: What if we are stranded at port due to mechanical or weather issues?
A: We can make arrangements to come pick you up and retrieve the boat.
Q: Is there an operations manual or something to help us use the onboard equipment?
A: Yes, there is a how too manual and we hope to provide a laptop with video of how to operate all gear.
Q: What is draft of boat?
A : The boat is a keel centerboard and draws 5'6" board up, 8'6" down.
Q: What type of engine ?
A: 55 hp Diesel Engine (Yanmar)
Q:What type of navigation equipment is on the boat?
A: Caribbean Magic has a hand held GPS, a GPS on the supplied laptop, and a regular GPS.  The boat also has a Handheld and Nav Station VHF.
Q: Is a Dingy available?
A: Yes, a 9 foot Achilles inflatable with 2 hp Honda engine is available.
Q: What entertainment systems are on the boat?
A : We have a stereo with IPOD connection and you can always bring a laptop for watching movies.
Q: Does the boat have Air Conditioning?
A: Yes, but this is only available when hooked up to shore power
Q:Does the vessel have refrigeration?
A: Yes, but remember this will require running the engines every so often so the batteries stay charge.



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